Dance Company fees include, but are not limited to:


Registration Fee: $400 due upon commitment

This fee covers two routines’ choreography and company warmup jacket.


Tuition Monthly Charge: $200.00 for dancers 8 and up

$150/month for dancers ages 6 and 7

This fee covers cost of coaches and studio operation fees. If participating in more than two
dance genres, an additional $50.00 charge per routine will be applied.
Payment Options
Tuition payments may be made via cash, personal check, debit card, and or credit card. Please
note that all tuition payments will be processed on the first of the month. Cash or
check must make payment on or prior to due date.
*After two late payments or one insufficient funds incident, the primary payer will be required to
set up automatic recurring payments.


Competition Fees
Range: $35.00-$175.00

This fee includes athlete admission, coaches’ fees, and registration fees. It does not include
hotel arrangements, spectator fees, or travel arrangements. Competition fee totals will be
announced 30 days prior to registration deadlines.


Refund Policy

There will be no refunds of money paid to anyone who is asked to leave the program or that
quits dance company. This includes all tuition fees and any dues paid toward future endeavors
that have required and utilized payment.


Late Fees

If payment has not been received by the 1st of each month, a strict $10.00 late fee per (7) days
will be applied.