As a parent in Maryland, you have many places you can take your child for dance instruction and training. There are so many factors to consider, (cost, location, reputation, etc.), the search process has the potential to leave a concerned parent frustrated; after all, we just want our children to be instructed, respected, and most importantly, happy!

At Next Level Studio, we direct and assist our dancers on a journey of enhancement. It is our staff’s responsibility to promote an environment where we supply the necessary resources, training and innovative choreography to leave your dancer feeling proud and accomplished.

While the pursuit of victory is something we strive for, our goal is to motivate, prepare, and promote passion, which will place our dancers in a position to be successful, not only in dance, but in life!


Mission Statement

“We understand the work ethic and the commitment necessary to shape well-rounded dancers who balance the honorable pursuit of victory with personal growth, persistence, and passion.”